Sylvester – Georgette Heyer

With each read of Georgette Heyer, I’m more and more drawn towards her. I believe she brings out the best in this genre. As was said in a previous review of mine, Heyer well understands what is expected of this genre. She keeps her story light with her excellent writing, creates interesting characters, and works well on the chemistry and romance between the main duo. Sylvester, with its minor blemishes, is another fine product of these combined effects.

The interest in the story was mostly held by the two leading characters, Phoebe and Sylvester, the Duke of Salford. And where they blundered, Thomas, Phoebe’s childhood friend, filled in admirably. The antics of Phoebe and Tom made the reading a humourous experience. The story was good and quite well written. Except for my wish for some editing in certain parts and a bit more drawn-out romance between Pheobe and Sylvester, I found no complaints. The subplot, I found to be equally interesting. The bond between uncle “Vester” and his little nephew, Edmund, was very touching. And Edmund’s mother and stepfather added additional comic relief to the already fun read.

The light entertaining style of Heyer is greatly enjoyable. I find it very soothing. And her stories flow smoothly without jerky twists and turns. That itself is quite comforting. I’m a reader who reads multiple books simultaneously, and Heyer’s novels make my overtaxed brain feel relaxed. Some contemporary authors made me so tired of this genre, but Heyer is already regenerating my interest.

Rating: 3/5

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