The Body in the Library (Miss Marple #3) – Agatha Christie

When I read the first book of the Marple series, two years ago, I wasn’t much impressed. It was, of course, entertaining, as any Agatha Christie would, but for some reason, it wasn’t compelling enough to go through with the rest of the series. Perhaps, it was my fault, for, at that time, I was much engaged with the Poirot series to look anywhere else. But when my Poirot journey ended, I thought I should return to the Marple series and see if I can form a connection with it. And The Body in the Library, being the second novel of the series, sounded like a good place to start with.

The murder mystery of the book was quite intriguing. I’ve read many Agatha Christie mysteries, so it’s difficult for me not to compare. This one undoubtedly is one of the best mysteries by her, for she managed to keep my interest and suspense until the very last chapter. I guessed who’d done it and why; I can take some pride in knowing a bit of Christie’s mind. 🙂 But, the “how it was done” was beyond me. Agatha Christie still beats me there. When the truth was revealed, I couldn’t believe the ingenuity of it. What a criminal brain she has had! 🙂

As to our lady detective Miss Marple, we see only a little of her. But her valuable assistance was felt throughout, strongly. I was a little shocked to realize that I’d underestimated the importance of her sleuthing skills when I first read her. I felt that I’ve not given enough importance and weight to her skills, which are more or less based on her knowledge of life and people in general. But this reading made me appreciate Miss Marple and her skills. Also, I was quite impressed with her motto – not to believe in anything that is said to you but to form one’s own opinion of its truth – something which I myself live by. 🙂

I needn’t say that I’ll continue with the series, for it is pretty obvious. Now that I’m quite warmed to Miss Marple, I certainly want to know how she fares in her next adventure. 🙂

Rating: 4/5

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