The Hound of the Baskerville – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

I first read The Hound of the Baskervilles when I was about ten years old. It was both a fascinating and scary read for me at that time. I remember imagining that a large fierce hound might appear in our backyard at night and being uneasy about it! 🙂 Almost thirty years later I find it more fascinating since I have outgrown my fear. 🙂 And also, this time around I could appreciate the genius mind and brilliant power of observation and deduction of Sherlock Holmes. Out of all the Sherlock Holmes books that I have read so far, this is where Sherlock Holmes shines the brightest.

The mystery around the hound has always fascinated me, although I now know very well what it is. I love how Holmes unravels the mystery and how he lay out the plan to catch this “devil” of a beast using a human “bait”. To me, this is the climax of the story where suspense and action are at their height.

The scientific element that is involved in this mystery has captured my interest from my childhood. I remember being thoroughly fascinated by the use of phosphorus to cover the muzzle of the hound, and thinking that it was such a fine idea. 🙂

I love this and enjoy it very much every time I read it. And even though I know the story, that doesn’t impede my enjoyment of this beautiful mystery in any way. No matter how many times I might read this in the future, I know that each reading will be felt like a fresh reading for me. And that is exactly why this murder mystery is the only one to have graced my favourite shelf .

Rating: 5/5

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Piyangie Jay Ediriwickrema is an Attorney-at-Law by profession. Her devotion to literature has taken shape in reading and reviewing books of various genres set in different periods of time. She dabs at a little poetry and fiction of her own and hopes to share her work with the readers in the future.

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